S.2877-A (Grisanti) / A.5270 (Canestrari)


Manager of Government Affairs


S.2877-A (Grisanti) / A.5270 (Canestrari)


Reduction of Minimum Reverse Vending Machines



The Business Council supports this legislation which would reduce the number of mandatory reverse vending machines required at certain store locations for redemption of empty beverage containers based on square footage of the business.  Specifically, it provides that

  • Stores ranging in size between 40,000 square feet and 60,000 square feet would be reduced from 3 machines to 2.
  • Stores ranging in size between 60,000 square feet and 85,000 square feet would be reduced from 4 machines to 3.
  • Stores larger than 85,000 square feet would be reduced from 8 machines to 4.

This legislation will save stores not only the added costs of additional machines but also free up valuable floor space that had been lost to accommodate these machines.

Importantly, with improved technology that allows stores to redeem containers faster and at greater storage capacity, this legislation will more accurately reflect what is actually needed by retailers to provide quality customer service without impacting the effectiveness of the bottle bill.

For these reasons, the Business Council urges passage of S.2877-A/A.5270.