Statement from The Business Council Regarding the Climate Action Council


"One advocacy group recently complained that the state’s Climate Action Council and its advisory committees were “stacked” with industry representatives impairing the CLCPA planning process. Facts are facts. Just two of the 22 CAC members are industry representatives (and just two of eight public members), and the CAC advisory committees have comparable membership, with a limited number of “industry” representatives, including representatives of alternative energy providers and other recognized “green” businesses. Overall, these groups are composed of a mix of state and local government representatives, environmentalists, social justice advocates, business representatives, and other interests. This diversity of interests and expertise will be essential to developing effective and workable carbon reduction and renewable energy development strategies for the state.  The CLCPA imposes daunting emission reduction targets, applicable over a thirty-year time frame, that will most likely require significant technology advancements to achieve, all while avoiding unnecessary adverse economic impacts on residents and businesses alike. While there are draft recommendations on the table, more work is to be done before adopting a final scoping plan by the end of 2022. Taking potshots at CAC process participants seems hardly productive."