Press Release: The Business Council of New York State Applauds Investment In Workforce Development Programs


Director of Communications

The Business Council of New York State Applauds Investment In Workforce Development Programs 

$175 Million Initiative Will Help Grow Pipeline Between Education and Businesses


Albany, NY – The Business Council of New York State, Inc., the statewide chamber of commerce for New York, praised the recent announcement by Governor Cuomo to invest $175 million in Workforce Development initiatives. Workforce Development is crucial for those eager to enter the workforce and for employers in need of skilled workers.


The Business Council has been a vocal advocate for the provisions in this initiative including a funding structure that will allow employers to develop meaningful programs, and flexible funding for training purposes. In addition, we will continue to advocate for a transparent process to monitor and track program results and ensure funding will also be available for bridge programs, which help prepare trainees for more technically advanced programs.


“Employer engagement is paramount, that is why we along with our members are excited for this opportunity which will allow businesses to find and train the skilled workforce that industry demands,” said Heather Briccetti Esq, President of The Business Council of New York State Inc. “The best Workforce Development programs are ones where industry leaders are engaged with education and training providers from the beginning stages to the hiring process and this initiative helps achieve that goal.”


The Business Council believes this program provides the opportunity to work with businesses across the state to identify the best Workforce Development practices and to replicate them in areas with similar workforce needs. 

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