Business Council reacts to RAND report on single payer


Director of Communications

Report finds taxes would skyrocket while also increasing costs for low-income New Yorkers

ALBANY, N.Y.— “The RAND report confirms what we have been saying for years, a single payer system would result in the largest tax increase in New York history and cripple an industry that employs tens of thousands across the state,” said Heather C. Briccetti, Esq., president and CEO of The Business Council of New York State, Inc. “Whether it is the MTA or the New York City Housing Authority, government has shown it is ill-equipped to run large bureaucracies. There is a reason a recent statewide poll found that a majority of New Yorkers are opposed to government-run health insurance. Thankfully, the federal government has indicated that even if New York were to take the foolish and fiscally irresponsible step of implementing a statewide single payer system, they would not grant the necessary waivers. We remain committed to working with state officials on substantive policies which will reduce the cost of healthcare for employees and employers alike – while at the same time ensuring proper medical care and coverage.”