Business Council PAC announces additional 2018 Legislative endorsements


Director of Communications

Albany, N.Y. - The Business Council of New York State Political Action Committee (PAC) today released the following 2018 Legislative endorsements:

Business Council PAC Senate endorsements:


Joseph A. Griffo (R, 47th) - incumbent

James L. Seward (R, 51st) – incumbent
Daphne Jordan (R, 43rd)



Business Council PAC Assembly endorsement:


Michael J. Norris (R, 144th) - incumbent


What follows below is our original release and list of endorsed candidates.


Incumbents and challengers must actively seek the PAC’s endorsement and return our questionnaire in order to be considered.


“The 2018 elections are shaping up to be among the most important in our state’s history,” said Heather C. Briccetti Esq., president and CEO of The Business Council of New York State, Inc. “With pro-growth, pro-jobs messaging under attack from all sides, it is critically important that New York taxpayers elect lawmakers who understand the role business plays in our state’s economic health. The lawmakers and candidates endorsed by The Business Council PAC have demonstrated a firm commitment to the issues most important to our members. We wish them the best of luck this November and look forward to working with them to improve the lives of all New Yorkers.”


The Business Council’s PAC has yet to consider endorsements in the statewide elections. The PAC also reserves the right to make additional endorsements in state Legislative races.


Business Council PAC Assembly endorsements:


William A. Barclay (R, 120th) - incumbent

Karl Brabenec (R, 98th) - incumbent

Kevin M. Byrne (R, 94th) - incumbent

Clifford W. Crouch (R, 122nd) - incumbent

Brian Curran (R, 21st) - incumbent

Michael Cusick (D, 63rd) - incumbent

Joe DeStefano (R, 3rd)

David DiPietro (R, 147th) – incumbent

Gary D. Finch (R, 126th) - incumbent

Michael J. Fitzpatrick (R, 8th) - incumbent

Christopher S. Friend (R, 124th) - incumbent

Andy Goodell (R, 150th) – incumbent

Pamela J. Hunter (D, 128th) - incumbent

Billy Jones (D, 115th) - incumbent

Brian M. Kolb (R, 131st) - incumbent

Peter Lawrence (R, 134th) - incumbent

Nicole Malliotakis (R, 64th) - incumbent

John T. McDonald III (D, 108th) – incumbent

David G. McDonough (R, 14th) – incumbent

Brian D. Miller (R, 101st) - incumbent

Philip A. Palmesano (R, 132nd) - incumbent

Anthony H. Palumbo (R, 2nd) – incumbent

Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes (D, 141st) - incumbent

Dan Quart (D, 73rd) - incumbent

Edward P. Ra (R, 19th) - incumbent

Sean Ryan (D, 149th) - incumbent

Angelo Santabarbara (D, 111th) – incumbent

Steve Saperstein (R, 46th)

Robin Schimminger (D, 140th) - incumbent

Mark Walczyk (R, 116th)

Monica P. Wallace (D, 143rd) - incumbent

Mary Beth Walsh (R, 112th) - incumbent

Raymond Walter (R, 146th) - incumbent

Carrie Woerner (D, 113th) – incumbent


Business Council PAC Senate endorsements:


Fred Akshar (R, 52nd) - incumbent

George A. Amedore (R, 46th) - incumbent

Bob Antonacci (R, 50th)

Tom Basile (R, 39th)

Phil Boyle (R, 4th) – incumbent

Janet Burman (R, 53rd)

Simcha Felder (D, 17th) - incumbent

John J. Flanagan (R, 2nd) - incumbent

Patrick M. Gallivan (R, 59th) - incumbent

Martin J. Golden (R, 22nd) - incumbent

Kemp Hannon (R, 6th) - incumbent

Pamela Helming (R, 54th) - incumbent

Chris Jacobs (R, 60th) - incumbent

Todd Kaminsky (D, 9th) - incumbent

Kenneth P. LaValle (R, 1st) - incumbent

Betty Little (R, 45th) - incumbent

Carl L. Marcellino (R, 5th) - incumbent

Terrence Murphy (R, 40th) - incumbent

Dean Murray (R, 3rd)

Thomas F. O’Mara (R, 58th) - incumbent

Robert G. Ortt (R, 62nd) - incumbent

Elaine Phillips (R, 7th) - incumbent

Jeff Pravato (R, 8th)

Sue Serino (R, 41st) - incumbent

Annie Rabbitt (R, 42nd)

Michael H. Ranzenhofer (R, 61st) - incumbent

James Tedisco (R, 49th) - incumbent

C. Scott Vanderhoef (R, 38th)

Catharine Young (R, 57th) – incumbent


The Business Council Political Action Committee makes endorsements of candidates who support The Business Council of New York's mission to create economic growth, good jobs and strong communities across New York State.