The Business Council Opposes European Style Antitrust Legislation in New York State


ALBANY - The Business Council of New York State Inc, on Thursday, released an analysis on the proposed Twenty-First Century Anti-Trust Act (S.933-A (Gianaris) / A.1812-A (Dinowitz) because of the negative impact it would have on both consumers and small businesses. 

The proposed legislation replaces New York’s antitrust laws with a law modeled on European antitrust laws, both removing the consumer from any consideration and making New York the only state in the Union to abandon consumer-centric antitrust law.

The Business Council is not opposed to an effective antitrust enforcement regime and is also open to modern-day amendments to the Donnelly Act. However, in its sweeping broadness, the proposed legislation, captures every industry and small business in an unworkable scheme, opening tens of thousands of small businesses to the threat of litigation, while simultaneously ignoring the needs of New York’s consumers.

Click here to read the complete Business Council analysis of the Twenty-First Century Anti-Trust Act.