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Enables students to receive information from colleges and universities without disclosing their personally identifiable information



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The Business Council supports S.9597(Cleare) / A.9967(Hyndman) which would enable students to receive information from colleges and universities without disclosing their personally identifiable information.

The proposed amendment to the education law outlined in this legislation addresses a critical issue regarding the privacy of students' personal information while ensuring these students have automatic access to essential educational resources and opportunities. By allowing students to opt-in to receive information about academic programs, institutional offerings, financial aid, and scholarship applications without disclosing their personally identifiable information, this bill strikes a balance between privacy protection and access to valuable resources that make a difference in students being able to achieve education at their highest potential.

In today's digital age, safeguarding personal data is significantly important and that is recognized in this proposed legislation. With concerns about data privacy on the rise, it is essential to enact legislation that protects students' sensitive information that refrains from negatively impacting the trajectory of their college education and without hurting efforts of awareness dedicated to student higher education opportunities.

Both can exist and are prioritized by the guidelines for the use of education records and ensuring that students have control over the dissemination of their personal data. Furthermore, by enabling students to receive information about educational opportunities and financial aid programs, this bill promotes access to higher education and fosters academic and professional growth. Access to information about scholarships and conditional offers of admission can significantly impact students' educational journeys, empowering them to pursue their career goals and life-long aspirations.

With the passage of this legislation, New York State will promote inclusivity and equity in higher education. Many students, particularly those from underserved communities, may face barriers to accessing information about college experiences and opportunities. This legislation aims to bridge that gap by ensuring that all students have equal access to essential information that can enhance their educational prospects.

As an organization dedicated to supporting businesses and fostering economic upward mobility in New York State, we believe that investing in education is essential for the continued efforts to support workforce development. The S.9597(Cleare) / A.9967(Hyndman) legislation aligns with this commitment.

For these reasons, The Business Council supports S.9597(Cleare) / A.9967(Hyndman). By protecting students' privacy rights while enhancing access to educational opportunities, this legislation embodies the values of equity, integrity, and progress that are integral to New York State’s vision for a prosperous future.