S.7371 (Sanders)/A.7646 (Septimo)


Assistant Director, Government Affairs


S.7371 (Sanders)/A.7646 (Septimo)


Memorandum of understanding to allow reciprocity between the State and New York City for businesses that are certified as Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE).



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The Business Council representing more than 3,000 businesses, 70% of which are small businesses which include minority and woman owned businesses (MWBE), support S.7371 (Sanders)/A.7646 (Septimo).

This legislation would allow the State to accept the MWBE certification granted to a business by the City of New York for contract procurement purposes and would allow New York City to accept MWBE certification granted by the State. This would help address the disparity MWBE businesses face when bidding for contracts with the state and city.

This would also ease the administrative burdens of MWBE businesses as they would only have to go through one certification process rather than having to go through the certification process of New York City and the State’s. Allowing these businesses to take advantage of opportunities with both state contracts and private sector entities that would have otherwise been missed due to the cost and time dedicated to the certification process.

This legislation not only helps nurture the success of individual MWBE businesses but would also help increase the success of the MWBE programs of the State and New York City.

For these reasons, The Business Council supports S.7371 (Sanders)/A.7646 (Septimo).