S.5397 (Benjamin) / A.9587 (Steck)


Director, Workforce Development


S.5397 (Benjamin) / A.9587 (Steck)


Enacts the “New York State YouthBuild Act”



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The Business Council of New York State, Inc. supports S.5397 (Benjamin) / A.9587 (Steck) which would enact the “New York State YouthBuild Act.” Construction, healthcare and technology companies across the State all struggle to find a skilled workforce. As such, The Business Council supports new investments and resources for workforce development in New York State, with a priority on programs with proven outcomes that engage industry partners, such as YouthBuild. 

Business Council members across the State have been active YouthBuild partners over the years and have seen the success of the program for providing skills and job opportunities to disadvantaged youth. The business community recognizes these youth need additional resources and wrap-around services in order to successfully complete workforce training programs and supports the YouthBuild model which engages with industry partners. 

While these programs have positive outcomes, there are many more people they could reach, which is why additional funding is necessary and justified. 

The Business Council supports programs that ensure New York has the qualified workforce needed to further grow our economy. As such, the Business Council supports S.5397 (Benjamin) / A.9587 (Steck), which would enact the “New York State YouthBuild Act,” and expand the number of YouthBuild programs in New York State.