S.5126-A (Amedore) /A.7339-A (Brindisi)


S.5126-A (Amedore) /A.7339-A (Brindisi)


Protecting owners from roofing & contracting harm



The Business Council supports S.5126-A (Amedore)/A.7339-A (Brindisi), which regulates home improvement contractors conduct when making repairs covered by homeowner’s insurance.

The bill includes important consumer protection provisions that prohibit a home improvement contractor from advertising or promising to pay or rebate any or all of an insurance deductible to attract business.  It gives the homeowner the right to cancel a home improvement contract within three business days of receiving notification from the owner’s insurer that all or part of a claim is not a covered loss under the insurance policy. It also provides that any deposit required cannot exceed fifty percent of the total contract and a home improvement contract could not be abandoned by a contractor without a good reason.

Homeowners, especially the elderly, facing repairs after a natural disaster has impacted their community, are vulnerable and potential victims of storm scammers – those unscrupulous contractors that perform shoddy or incomplete work.  This legislation will safeguard the homeowners and will also enable the reputable businesses that are invested in the communities to obtain and perform the necessary repairs to the home. It is a balanced approach for both the consumer and the contractor to ensure that the work contracted for is the work that is done.

For these reasons, The Business Council supports S.5126-A (Amedore) /A.7339-A (Brindisi).