S.3875 (Ranzenhofer) / A.5736 (Bronson)


Manager of Government Affairs


S.3875 (Ranzenhofer) / A.5736 (Bronson)


Enacts the FIRST Robotics Competition Grant Program



The Business Council of New York State supports S.3875 (Ranzenhofer) / A.5736 (Bronson), which would enact the FIRST robotics competition grant program, and make an appropriation therefor.

The FIRST robotics program provides a tremendous benefit to students in teaching them science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills through robotics building and competitions. In addition to important STEM skills, students are mentored by technical and engineering experts who work for sponsoring companies. Most importantly, however, they learn what many businesses consider “essential skills” competencies of the 21st Century workforce, including; communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, team building and problem solving. In essence, they are learning crucial workforce skills that will help them succeed in whatever career path they chose.

The Business Council strongly supports programs which help ensure New York has the skilled workforce needed to further grow our economy, especially in rapidly changing STEM industries. As such, the Business Council supports S.3875 (Ranzenhofer) / A.5736 (Bronson), which would provide funding to support FIRST robotics programs to participate in competitions, all while teaching students critical skills for the 21st Century workforce.