A.9581 (Sweeny)


Director of Government Affairs


A.9581 (Sweeny)


Requires publication of laws relating to the control of invasive species



The Business Council of the State of New York supports this legislation as it will aid in slowing the spread of invasive species, thorough the increased education of sportsman. 

Invasive species are non-native species that can cause harm to the environment or to human health. As a threat to our biodiversity, they have been judged second only to habitat loss.  Invasive species come from all around the world; the rate of invasion is increasing along with the increase in international trade.

A wide variety of species are problematic for our ecosystems, including both all natural systems and also managed forests; our food supply, including not only agriculture but also harvested wildlife, fish and shellfish; our built environments, including landscaping, infrastructure, industry, gardens, and pets.

Sportsmen generally don’t want any invasive species as they change habitats and are a threat to the fisheries and water purity. Fishermen and hunters that enjoy travelling from one lake to another or one habitat to another have seen conditions change and are aware of the effects that invasive species can make to biodiversity.

Sportsmen take measures to prevent transporting and introducing invasive species from one body of water to another. Sportsmen read the signs located at public boat launches regarding invasive species as well as the many brochures with information on the prevention of the spread of invasive species, this legislation will provide more information in the hands of sportsman.

The best way to stop the spread of invasive is through increased knowledge and awareness.  This legislation will help to provide information to sportsman that will reduce the transmission and migration of invasive non-native species; this is why The Business Council supports this legislation.