NYS Workforce Innovation Awards Online & Social Media Scoring

Online & Social Media Scoring 

The Business Council of New York State will present four Workforce Innovation Awards recognizing organizations for their leadership and innovation in developing and or delivering training and education to meet the workforce needs of business. 

The top training and education applicants in each category will be selected and designated as “finalists” by The Business Council for the purpose of social media promotion and public voting to select the winners.  

The Business Council will select the top finalist for social media and online voting in the following categories:  

  • Higher Education Workforce Innovation Award
  • Non-Profit Workforce Innovation Award 

After the finalists are selected, the online public voting process will begin and run for two weeks. All finalists will be encouraged to promote online voting for their program through various social media channels.

Voting Guidelines - Be Creative!

  • Online and social media voting will open on Monday, April 3, 2023 and close on Monday, April 17, 2023.  

  • Online voting will be set up on The Business Council’s website where finalists can be voted on. 

  • Online voting more than once is allowed but restricted to once a day.  

  • The Business Council will post finalists videos on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn). Likes and shares of these official Business Council posts will also count for voting purposes. 

  • “Likes” of official posts on all social media channels will count as one vote, similar to the online voting through the website.  

  • “Shares” of official posts on all social media channels will count as two votes.

  • Social media "shares" and "re-share" votes can be done more than once and will be counted as such on the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms. 

  • Social media likes and shares are encouraged for finalists to promote voting for their application videos.  

In addition to recognizing great training and education programs meeting workforce needs in New York, the Workforce Innovation Awards are intended to raise public awareness of exemplary programs through social media channels. The online and social media voting process will serve as an opportunity to spotlight and spread the word about these impactful training and education programs.