Minimum Wage Advocacy

Fighting a Minimum Wage Increase in New York State 

Albany lawmakers are calling for another increase in the state’s minimum wage despite New York’s mandated minimum hourly wage of $15 downstate and $14.20 upstate exceeding that of all but three states. Of the two major wage increase proposals, one is far more costly than the other. Both proposals would tie future minimum wage increases to inflation, but one calls for a 40% increase before doing so.

The Business Council does not see a current need to mandate higher wages and instead has offered alternative measures to help the state's business community and economy grow. Such alternatives include:

  • Addressing Unemployment Insurance (UI) Debt
    • New York State has $8 billion in outstanding federal loans to the UI program. The debt results from state-mandated shutdowns during COVID and creates hundreds of millions of dollars in higher federal and state payroll taxes on private-sector employers.  
  • Repealing COVID Paid Sick Leave
    • This May, President Biden will officially declare the end of the COVID-19 emergency. But a provision to protect employees, COVID paid sick leave, will remain in effect in New York State. Never designed to be permanent, has become a burden on employers, with many seeing significant increases in employee costs.
  • Creating Economic Development Initiatives
    • New York State is 49th in “business tax climate” and continues to rank among the highest in the nation in taxes such as sales, property, and unemployment.** These high taxes prevent growth and hinder companies from considering New York State as a home for business.
      • **Source: The Tax Foundation: 2023 State Business Tax Climate Index, October 25, 2022 

Advocacy Initiatives 

  • Take Action: Tell Your State Representative to Stop a Minimum Wage Increase. Learn More

  • NFIB New York Report: Economic Impacts of a Proposed Minimum Wage Increase in New York State. Read the Report



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