Coolest Thing in New York State


What is the coolest thing that is made in New York State? We don’t know yet, until the public has their say in 2020!

Starting in January 2020, manufacturers across New York State will have the opportunity to enter a state-wide contest and showcase their products to those who know New York better than anyone, New Yorkers themselves.

We are looking for any and all manufacturers, from Brooklyn to Buffalo! Whether you produce toys, paper, tools, household items, gadgets, vehicles, parts for other finished products, foods or beverages we want you to apply. 

There is no cost to enter the contest and a winner will be chosen by people from all across of New York State!  

Here’s how it works:

  • Businesses will submit their product for the contest with a photo, short explanation and link to their website

  • Once all the submissions are in, before the future deadline to be determined, each product will be put on a website for the public see

  • Voters will then have a period of time to browse the website, and all the entrants, to vote on their top choices as coolest things made in New York State

  • Once the field is pared down to the top vote receivers, a bracket style contest will begin with head to head match ups

  • Each month the public will vote on the remaining field, in the head to head match ups based on votes received, until we have a winner

  • The final two contestants will be invited to our Annual Meeting to showcase their products where voting will be taking place until the day off the announced winner at our Annual Meeting in September 

Business Engagement:

We invite any and all businesses who produce something to enter the contest, not just those who are members of The Business Council. There is no cost to apply. Through the marketing campaign of The Business Council this will be a state-wide contest that will help businesses showcase their products to the public. We would also encourage businesses on their own to market and promote the contest to generate votes for themselves. 

Public Engagement

The public is the key player in this contest. They will decide winners throughout starting with who makes the tournament field, to each round of match ups, and ultimate the final winner, announced at our Annual Meeting in September. Along the way the public will be able to follow the contest as all results will be announced LIVE on social media and on the future contest website. 

For more information on this contest, including how to apply and how to sponsor, please contact Patrick Bailey, Director of Communications at [email protected]