CONNECT, The Business Council Podcast is hosted by President & CEO Heather Briccetti. With over 2,000 members, The Business Council is New York State's Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturing Association and leading business advocacy group. CONNECT focuses on business issues while also delivering guests who are news makers across New York State. 

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Episode 12 - Ian Rosenblum

Ian Rosenblum, Executive Director of The Education Trust-New York, recently joined the podcast to discuss affordable and available childcare in New York State. A recent survey by Raising NY, a coalition of business groups and organizations, shows both employees and employers are negatively impacted by a lack of childcare in New York State. Ian and Heather discuss the survey and options on how to help the problem so both employees and businesses can thrive.

Episode 11- Roberta Reardon, NYS Department of Labor Commissioner

New York State Department of Labor Commissioner, Roberta Reardon, recently joined the pod to discuss the State's COVID response, how large the call volumes and unemployment claims have been, and just how much the State and federal government have paid out in claims since March.


Episode 10 - Liz Benjamin

In this episode Heather and Liz have a casual and open conversation about COVID-19, the state and federal response, and how it has impacted people and businesses. The two also discuss how upcoming elections will be impacted by mail in voting forms and if the current equality movement will impact the elections.



Episode 9 - Alicia Barton

Alicia Barton, President & CEO of NYSERDA, recently joined the podcast to discuss what current projects are moving forward, what is on hold and how many clean energy sector job losses there have been all thanks to COVID-19. We also dissect the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (CLCPA) and find out where current contracts and projects stand, how coronavirus may impact timelines, what role natural gas will have in a long term transition and how public/private partnerships will be vital to future solutions and goals. 



Episode 8 - Congressman Brindisi

Congressman Anthony Brindisi (D-Utica) recently joined the podcast to discuss federal relief for businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic. Hear his thoughts are on the Paycheck Protection Program funds being depleted, how much more money Congress could approve in a second round of funding and how he and other representatives are managing working from home.


Episode 7 - Aaron Pacitti

Aaron Pacitti, Associate Professor of Economics at Siena College, joined the podcast to discuss the current federal and New York State economy. Aaron believes the U.S. is already in a recession and discusses his beliefs on how long it will last, why it is unique, and if it will be worse than the 2008 recession. 



Episode 6 - Neil Bradley

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, Neil Bradley, joined the podcast to breakdown the $2 trillion federal aid bill that provides fiscal relief to American taxpayers and businesses. Neil discusses how much businesses can borrow, what the provisions are and when employers have to pay it back. Also, find out why he thinks this economic hit is different than the 2008 recession. 



Episode 5 - Frank Kerbein & Allison Dembeck

In this important episode Heather talks with staff from the US Chamber and The Business Council about the newly signed paid sick leave laws related to the coronavirus. We dissect each bill, both state and federal, and discuss what the new employer mandates and employee benefits are and who has access to them.



Episode 4 - MVP Health Care Regional Medical Director Dr. Kimberly Kilby

Dr. Kimberly Kilby, Regional Director for MVP Health Care, recently joined the podcast to discuss the coronavirus. Dr. Kilby discussed what a “pandemic” means, how New York State and private companies, such as MVP, are working together to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Kilby also gave some simple tips to keep you safe and healthy. 


Episode 3 - SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson

SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson recently joined the podcast to discuss the how the Coronavirus is impacting SUNY students studying abroad and those on campus in New York State. The Chancellor also talked about workforce development initiatives and funding, how SUNY can help with the continued upstate population loss and what are the hot sectors students can study to help them land a job post graduation.    


Episode 2 - New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli joins CONNECT to discuss many topics related to his office. Hear what the Comptroller has to say about how the Coronavirus is impacting the stock market which in turn affects the state pension system. Speaking of the pension system, find out how much per month is paid to beneficiaries. Mr. DiNapoli also talks about his suggestions on how New York State can close the medicaid budget gap and how you can collect unclaimed money.


Episode 1 - Heather Briccetti

This introductory episode of CONNECT, The Business Council Podcast gives listeners an introduction to Host Heather Briccetti who serves as the President & CEO of The Business Council of New York State. Heather talks about her background as a lawyer and what led her to The Business Council and becoming one of the most influential women in New York State.