2009 Archived Business Council in the News

Paterson likely to confront lawmakers in State of State (Tom Precious/The Buffalo News)

Business Council, governor say U.S. Senate bill will hurt N.Y.(Thomas Adams/Rochester Business Journal)†

Gov, Biz Council: Health bill hurts NY (Business First of Buffalo)

State overhaul of business tax breaks aims for clarity and variety (Adam Sichko/Albany The Business Review)

Health lobbyists swarm Congress (Barbara Benson/Crain's New York Business)

Gov: State losing time and cash (Adam Sichko/Albany The Business Review)

The Paterson plan (Editorial/Rochester Business Journal)

Chamber speaker urges more activism (Paul Mrozek/Batavia The Daily News)

Paterson Proposes Cuts to Close Deficit (Danny Hakim/New York Times)

Paterson unveils plan to erase deficit (Adam Sichko/Albany The Business Review)

Paterson slashes at state spending (Tom Precious/Buffalo News)

Paterson announces major budget cuts to close deficit (Joseph Spector/Gannett News Service)

Gov. Paterson proposes nearly $1B budget cuts to health care, education (Kenneth Lovett/New York Daily News)

Paterson pitches $5 billion deficit reduction plan (Associated Press)

Future of NY economic development subject of hearing (Adam Sichko/Albany The Business Review)

Health care costs stymie hiring (Eric Anderson/Albany Times-Union)

Mayor's economy: Grades are in (Daniel Massey/Crain's New York Business)

How many people does it take to understand a power bill? (Larry Rulison/Albany Times-Union)

Paterson: State on brink of disaster (Meaghan M. McDermott/Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

Albany tries to revitalize manufacturing in state (Matthew Daneman/Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

State Senate Leaders Address Business Council of NYS (Peter Iglinski/WXXI)

Aqueduct casino complex builder to be named soon (The Business Review Albany) 

Focus of natural gas exploration in Pa., not N.Y. (Matthew Daneman/RocNow.com)

Rochester-area wellness effort put on display at Business Council conference (Matthew Daneman/Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

Business Council meets in Rochester this week (Matt Daneman/Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

Central New York homeowners pay high percentage of home value in taxes (Glen Coin/Syracuse Post-Standard)

Breslin pushing dems to avoid hiking taxes, fees (Adam Sichko/Albany The Business Review)

Business groups warn state lawmakers on raising taxes (Cara Matthews/Gannett News Service)

Empire Zone set for twilight zone:†Controversial program providing tax breaks will be replaced (Chris Churchill/Albany Times Union)

Feds must consider NY situation in fixing care (Kenneth Adams/Poughkeepsie Journal)

Environmental initiatives stalled by NY politics (Valerie Bauman/Associated Press)

Groups question governor's power to rescind regulations (Heather Senison/Gannett News Service)

Paterson Eases Process for Repealing State Rules (Nicholas Confessore/The New York Times)†

Paterson orders agencies to cut red tape that chokes businesses (Jonathan D. Epstein/The Buffalo News)†

Paterson moves to cut red tape for NY businesses (Michael Gormley/Associated Press)†

Enviros take aim at Paterson for Executive Order on regulation, but businesses like it (Rick Karlin/Albany Times Union)†

Paterson panel to erase 'burdensome' business regulations (Adam Sichko/Albany The Business Review)

No June break for area's jobless (Chris Churchill/Albany Times Union)

County jobless rate soars (Aaron Curtis/Oswego Palladium Times)

Dem Health RX a Poison Pill in NY (Charles Hurt, David Seifman, Jennifer Fermino/ New York Post)

Reader's View: Consumers pick up tab on new taxes (Steven A. Taylor/The Saratogian)

Senate Inaction Is Hurting Many Towns Across State (Nick Confessore/New York Times)

Judge orders full Senate to appear in session (Adam Sichko/Albany Business Review)

Programs with tax impact set to expire (Cara Matthews & Heather Senison/Gannett News Service)

Unemployed swamp fund (James Odato/Albany The Times Union)

Paid-leave bills divide workers, businesses (Sarah Bradshaw/The Poughkeepsie Journal)

Law aims to consolidate local government (Thomas Adams/Rochester Business Journal)

Amid Senate Chaos, Hope Fades for a Bill to Raise Jobless Benefits (Patrick McGeehan/New York Times)

Number of unemployed New Yorkers highest in 33 years (Steve Ference/Albany Capital News 9)

Jobless rate 6.8 percent in Capital Region in May (Ameerah Cetawayo/Schenectady Daily Gazette)

7.7% jobless rate in Rochester area (Jim Stinson/Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)  

And Then It Was Nine Percent (Ilya Marritz/New York WNYC Radio)

Stalemate squeezes counties (Rick Karlin/Albany Times Union)

Unemployment continues to rise (Jake Lustick/Troy The Record)

Senate standoff threatens time-sensitive legislation (John McLoughlin/Albany WTEN TV)†

Senate stalemate poses dire threats to NYC plans (Erik Engquist/Danny Massey/Crain's New York Business)

Renewed regulation possible for insurers (Sarah Foss/Schenectady Daily Gazette)†

Empire State Development Corp. gets its fifth director in three years (John O'Brien and Rick Moriarty/ Syracuse The Post-Standard)

Legislature still has considerable work left (Joseph Spector/Gannett News Service)†

Tax break danger zone (Larry Rulison/Albany Times Union)†

Governor vetoes bill on police, firefighter pensions (Cara Matthews / Star Gazzett)

State to impose crackdown on tax breaks for businesses (Joseph Spector / Pessconnects.com

Poll shows many mull leaving state (Tom Precious/The Buffalo News)

THE JOB-KILLERS ALBANY MUST AVOID (Kenneth Adams/New York Post op-ed)

Call for fiscal restraint by state Coalition rolls out agenda it says will help New York businesses (Eric Anderson/Albany Times Union)

Groups: Limit spending, taxes Reform advised to aid NY businesses (Jay Gallagher/Gannett News Service)†

Biz coalition pushes state reform agenda (Adam Sichko/Albany The Business Review)


DiNapoli: State budget missed mark (Joseph Spector/Gannett News Service)

Albany Moves to Enable Extended Jobless Benefits (Patrick McGeehan/New York Times)

$131.8B state budget awaits governorís signature (Adam Sichko/Albany The Business Review)

Official says advances made on workers' comp, but more needed (Cara Matthews/Gannett News Service)


After much partisan debate, State Senate OKs budget (Tom Precious/The Buffalo News)

Budget fight makes strange bedfellows Labor, business groups fight plan to boost insurance taxes (Rick Karlin/Albany Times Union)

Business, labor team up to fight health-care taxes (Cara Matthews/Gannett News Service)

N.Y. jobless rate could hit 10% State labor chief warns of likely $1.4B debt to feds (Jay Gallagher/Gannett News Service)

Kenneth Adams, President & CEO of the Business Council in NY State, calls on the legislature to cut spending, and ease the tax burden on the state. (Dave Visser/Ithaca WHCU Radio)