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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

August 29, 2011

Tom Reynolds, Bruce Gyory to speak at The Business Council's Annual Meeting

Former Congressman Tom Reynolds and political consultant Bruce Gyory will lead a discussion on demographic and redistricting trends in New York State at The Business Council's Annual Meeting. These distinguished guest speakers will help us chart the Empire State's emerging political trend lines and the play off between the rise of independent voters upstate and in the suburbs and the growth of the minority vote throughout New York.

The following is a preview of the presentation:

Reapportionment always brings political discussion to a heightened pitch, especially when the Census portends dramatic demographic shifts based upon region, race and ethnicity. In 2012, New York's reapportionment will be complicated by the need to grapple with a hotly contested State Senate (where the Republicans hold a narrow 32-30 partisan majority) and the loss of two Congressional seats, while accounting for dramatic growth in the aggregate minority population.

The Annual Meeting will be held from Sept.21-23 at The Sagamore Resort on beautiful Lake George. Click here to register.