Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

For Release — Oct. 15, 2010

The Business Council supports Speaker Quinn's decision on paid sick leave

ALBANY— The following is a statement by Kenneth Adams, president and CEO of The Business Council of New York State, Inc on New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's decision to not advance the paid sick leave legislation.

“The Business Council of New York State firmly supports Speaker Quinn's position on the misguided proposal for paid sick leave legislation – legislation that would have had negative repercussions for all businesses in New York City.

The bill would have tempered job growth in the worst economy since the Depression and would have inhibited the flexibility that many employees currently have in creating sick day/vacation day packages as part of their larger benefit packages.

The proposal would have placed yet another regulatory burden on the backs of business owners at the worst possible time.

As Speaker Quinn joins Mayor Bloomberg in opposing this bill, our members and businesses across the boroughs say “thank you”.