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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

October 4, 2007

Assembly Commission to hold roundtable on "green" jobs in Central New York

The state Assembly's Commission on Skills Development and Career Education will host a meeting on emerging “green” jobs and job possibilities for the Central New York Region Friday October 19, at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse.

The three-hour long roundtable will bring together leaders from the labor, business, education, workforce and economic development industries to discuss how to encourage the growth of economic friendly and job-creating industries in Central New York.

“Foremost, the roundtable will explore whether the current workforce development infrastructure can accommodate the training requirements of green collar jobs as well as examine the types of specific training, qualifications, skills sets, and certification requirements for such jobs,” the formal meeting notice from the Assembly Commission said. “The Commission welcomes recommendations on how the State can enact innovative policies and strategies that will create a sustainable green economy in the Central New York region.”

The roundtable is also aimed at developing strategies or initiates for a green economy that take into account the unique assets of the area, including how existing start-up funding and job training programs may be used as well as identifying any potential barriers or challenges.

Participants will also be asked to discuss what types of skills and training are necessary to develop a green labor force, and what qualities are most necessary for the emerging green economy in Central new York.

Registration is available (in PDF format) at www.bcnys.org/pdf/2007/roundtable.pdf.