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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

September 25, 2007

Council members vote to restructure By-laws

The Business Council's members have voted to restructure the organization's governing document in order to give members better control of the Board and to ensure that the organization can take full advantage of the talent and commitment of its Board members.

The changes, which will take effect on January 1, 2008, were approved during the Council's Annual Meeting which was held September 19-21 at the Sagamore in Bolton Landing.

Key among the changes is a provision to restructure the Board's Executive Committee. The move was intended to ensure that a core group of directors remains involved in the Council's activities on an ongoing basis. Directors are elected by the membership.

The new Executive Committee will include the chairman, immediate past chairman and up to eight vice chairman elected annually by the Board. Each member of the Executive Committee will be called upon to serve a specific role, overseen by formal charters approved by the Board.

The By-laws also allow for all members of The Business Council to submit nominees for the consideration of the Nominating and Governance Committee.

The Council's Board will now have a minimum of 36 members, divided into three classes and elected to three-year terms. In addition to directors elected by the membership, the chairman of the Chamber Alliance of New York State, an association of New York chamber executives administered by the Business Council, will automatically become a full, voting member of the Board.

The definition of membership was also amended under the new By-laws. The new definition includes educational institutions, public benefit corporations and not-for-profit corporations as eligible for Business Council Membership.

The full text of the approved By-laws.