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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

July 9, 2007

Governor signs Power for Jobs renewal

In a victory for The Business Council, Governor Eliot Spitzer has signed legislation to renew the state's Power for Jobs program.

The Power Authority program, part of a series of economic development power programs, would have expired June 30 without action from state lawmakers.

The Council had urged lawmakers to enact renewal legislation for the program, which allows New York businesses to purchase energy at a discount, helping to alleviate the competitive disadvantage of New York's higher-than-average energy rates.

“These programs are essential to many New York's businesses,” said Ken Pokalsky, director of environmental and economic development programs for the Council. “The next step is also essential: long-term expansion and reform of the program.”

“Programs such as Power for Jobs provide a springboard to job growth and help hundreds of businesses retain their competitive edge,” Governor Spitzer said in a release. “While I support the extension of these critical programs for another year, I believe we must advance a comprehensive long-term energy agenda to address the state's very real energy challenges.”

The Governor's office said the renewal, which extends the program through June 2008, will help to retain 375,000 New York jobs.

The legislation signed by the Governor also renews the state's Energy Cost Saving Benefits program. That program, administered by the state's Power Authority, is linked to 105,000 jobs, the Governor's office said.