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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

October 19, 2006

IBM to receive award for innovative education initiatives

IBM's innovative “Transition to Teaching” program has earned the New York-based corporation the 2006 recipient of the New York State School Boards Association President’s Award.

“When a prominent company such as IBM focuses its resources and creativity on our schools, it draws attention to the greater good of educating children,” NYSSBA President Carl Onken. “Students from New York, the United States and worldwide, have all benefited from this company’s trailblazing efforts.”

The company’s teaching program was launched last year. The initiative allows IBM employees to begin a second career as a teacher. IBM provides the employee with financial assistance and other support.

Linda Sanford, an IBM vice president and The Business Council’s co-chair, will accept the award during the opening ceremonies of the 87th NYSSBA Annual Convention on October 26 in Manhattan.

“In the information age, knowledge has become the fuel that drives the global economy. That’s why all of us – educators, business people, policymakers, parents and students – have a huge stake in the quality of our education system in New York,” said Sanford. “Together, we can and will build on our tradition of providing our young people the best education in the nation – and the right foundation for a bright future.”

“Transition to Teaching follows in the footsteps of IBM’s Reinventing Education campaign," NYSSBA said in a press release. “The company's flagship community outreach program, Reinventing Education, aims to raise student achievement and support school reform efforts.”

That campaign has raised more than $75 million worldwide since 1994. NYSSBA said the award also recognizes other IBM initiatives that have provided computer software and hardware, thousands of volunteers and millions of dollars in grants to help schools succeed.