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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

May 1, 2006

Council chairman identifies four primary concerns of New York employers

Education, business costs, competitiveness, and economic development are among the primary concerns New Yorkers from all regions of the state identified at a series of regional meetings hosted by Business Council Chairman Linda Sanford.

Sanford, a vice president at IBM, summarized the concerns of participants in an April 24 letter addressed to the more than 200 business, education, not-for-profit and government leaders she met with at the eight regional meetings.

The time is right for action both to hone innovation and to begin taking the necessary steps to shrink New York’s excessive costs of doing business, Sanford wrote.

Sanford said comments at the meetings surrounded four key themes:

We also have an opportunity during this political season to play a role in the elections by using our combined voice for our Ahead of the Curve agenda, Sanford wrote. “The Business Council will communicate to the statewide office seekers and regional groups to reinforce the message of the impact that legislative action or inaction has on local skills, jobs and economic activity."

“While the list of challenges is daunting, so are the opportunities for making real progress in restoring the Empire State as the recognized world capital for innovation and the engine for economic growth," Sanford concluded. "Much of the progress will take place at the grassroots level – driven by your strong leadership."