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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

March 10, 2006

Comptroller's office announces new guidelines for government contracts

Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s office has released a new set of guidelines for state agencies regarding vendor selection for government contracts.

The Comptroller’s office said the reforms will “help ensure state contracts are awarded only to responsible vendors who have the integrity and capacity to deliver the goods and services they promise.”

The guidelines will require state agencies to document “vendor responsibility determination,” and asks agencies to give vendors the tools needed to perform the outlined responsibilities.

Later this year, the Comptroller's office will provide a centralized database of information for state agencies and vendors seeking government contracts.

“Vendors will be able to go on-line and fill out one questionnaire, no matter how many contracts they bid on or how many state agencies they contract with,” the Comptroller's office said. Agencies will have access to the vendor questionnaires, and other information about vendors, including criminal history, wage law, environmental, or government contract violations, and tax payment history.

More information is available at www.osc.state.ny.us/press/releases/mar06/030806.htm.