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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

March 10, 2006

Assembly Republicans propose 'New Edison Project' to promote math, science education

Assembly Republicans announced a variety of proposals, including a celebrity advertising campaign and statewide science fair, to stimulate students' interest in areas that promote innovation.

The New Edison Project builds on existing programs, and proposals included in Governor Pataki's budget, to strengthen New York's position as "the leading engine for innovation in the world," Assembly Republican Leader James Tedisco said.

"These proposals represent a series of creative ideas that would address the need to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers that New York State will need to build and sustain an innovation-based economy," said Daniel B. Walsh, President/CEO of The Business Council. "We applaud this effort and hope these ideas are part of a broad, bipartisan effort to invest in a high-tech economy of the future."

The New Edison Project would provide $6 million to create six new high schools, or programs within existing schools, with enriched math, science and engineering curricula. Other proposals include: