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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

March 28, 2005

Council urges lawmakers to change statute governing NYPA power sources

Some of the New York State Power Authority’s (NYPA) economic power programs may be in jeopardy if the legislature doesn’t change the wording in the law that governs NYPA’s power sources.

The statute names Fitzpatrick Nuclear as the power source from which NYPA may purchase energy for economic energy programs, like Power for Jobs. In 2000, that plant was sold to Entergy Nuclear, Inc., and the state was permitted to continue to purchase power for three years.

“The contract with Entergy has now expired,” said Anne Van Buren, director of the Council's energy and telecommunications issues. “Lawmakers need to immediately change the language of the law so NYPA is permitted to purchase power from other sources."

If lawmakers neglect to make the change, many companies that purchase power through NYPA’s economic power programs will be left with no alternative but to purchase higher-priced open-market power, Van Buren added.

Power programs that will be affected if the change is not made include the successful economic development power program and the municipal distribution agencies (MDA) program.

"We are urging lawmakers to act on this as soon as possible," Van Buren said. "NYPA's energy programs are an integral part of building business in this state. We cannot let these programs be discontinued because of an outdated statute."