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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

March 21, 2005

Report: To restrain Medicaid spending, New York should emulate Massachusetts

New York State could reduce its spending on Medicaid dramatically by emulating Massachusetts, a state well known for traditionally liberal social spending policies and for some of the world’s best hospitals, according to the third installment in the Public Policy Institute’s Medicaid Watch ’05 series.

“The Bay State is home to hospitals and medical schools widely considered among the best and most prestigious in the world. There’s no skimping on talent; its ratios of doctors and nurses to population are both the highest in the country. No one suggests the nursing homes in Massachusetts are noticeably inferior to those in New York,” the report said.

“Yet, somehow, this neighboring state that has produced some of the country’s most liberal politicians and policies manages to spend far less on Medicaid than we do."

The report notes that:

The Public Policy Institute is publishing Medicaid Watch ’05 to document the case for reforms that reduce overall costs imposed on New York’s taxpayers, businesses, farmers, and county governments. All reports in the series are at www.ppinys.org.

These reports were researched and written by Robert Ward, the Institute’s director of research. To interview him about Medicaid spending or any of the reports, telephone 518/465-7511, ext. 271.