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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

January 13, 2005

Governor announces details of his 'Operation SPUR' program to revitalize select Upstate communities

Governor George Pataki has released new details of Operation SPUR, his proposal to reinvigorate selected Upstate communities, that are identified as struggling economically and lagging in population growth.

“This critical new initiative will target Upstate communities where we need additional economic growth and job creation, and will bring new jobs and the promise of a growing economy to all New Yorkers,” Governor Pataki said.

"Operation SPUR is an appropriate name for this program because it really can help kick-start the economy in Upstate communities," said Business Council President Daniel B. Walsh. "Let's dig in and get it done."

The Governor first announced the plan in his State of the State last week.

The seven-point economic-development plan is specifically designed to foster job growth in areas where population and job growth have underperformed or traditionally rely on the farming and agribusiness sectors, the Governor’s release said.

Communities will be eligible for SPUR benefits based on a number of factors, including population and job growth, employment loss, and agricultural employment. The program will be administered by Empire State Development (ESD).

SPUR’s components include:

The Governor also announced several related initiatives, including: