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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

January 4, 2005

Assembly minority unveils 'Excelsior 2005,' a plan that includes many of business's economic-policy priorities

The Republican Assembly minority has unveiled a series of policy proposals that it says would improve state government and foster job creation to reinvigorate the state’s economy.

The proposal, which the Assembly minority dubbed “Excelsior 2005,” includes many policy proposals that are expected to be part of the Vote for Jobs Index in 2005. The Vote for Jobs Index is a legislative report card introduced last fall by the Council as a means of evaluating individual state legislators on their actions and inactions on policy priorities.

“Assembly Republicans are returning to Albany as agents of change, with a bold, clear path that will help all New Yorkers,” Assembly Republican Leader Charles H. Nesbitt said in announcing the plan.

Business Council President Daniel B. Walsh welcomed the plan, saying it includes many ideas that are needed to improve New York’s economy.

“These are important ideas that can improve the security of our economy, and how all state legislators act on ideas like these will be reflected in our 2005 legislative report card,” Walsh said.

The plan’s proposals would: