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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

March 15, 2004

Opinion piece: Some state lawmakers are trying to blame India for their failure to nurture job growth in New York

Some New York State lawmakers want voters to blame the state's poor job growth on outsourcing to foreign countries, but various shortsighted proposals related to off-shore jobs amount to Albany's lame attempt to pass the blame for its own policy failings, the president of an Albany think tank has argued in the New York Post.

"Blaming India," a March 15 op-ed piece by David F. Shaffer, president of The Public Policy Institute of New York State, criticized some state lawmakers for "scrambling all over each other to introduce bills that purport to do something about the 'outsourcing' of jobs to companies overseas."

"It's all a cover-up, frankly," Shaffer wrote."They don't want you to realize that New York's problem isn't China. Or India. It's Albany."

New York has lagged behind national job growth for decades. For example, in the current recession, it has lost jobs 1.7 times faster than the nation in the current recession, the piece said.

"But it's been years since Albany tried seriously to make a real dent in the cost of doing business in New York," Shaffer wrote. "Usually, things just get worse. Take the huge increase in state and city income taxes on "the rich" that the Legislature adopted over Gov. Pataki's veto last year. Is it any wonder that New York City lost another 11,000 financial industry jobs last year - while the nation as a whole gained 122,000?"