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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

February 27, 2004

'Report card' offers free information about hospital quality in New York

The Alliance For Quality Health Care (AQHC) has issued its second annual New York State Hospital Quality Indicators Report Card for hospitals statewide. The report card is an independent source of information for consumers and community leaders concerned about health care quality and value.

The report card, now in its second year, gives consumers the opportunity to compare hospital quality through a number of factors including mortality rates, utilization and volume, for 26 conditions and procedures. Together, these procedures/conditions make up more than half of hospitals' cases.

The report also gives New York health care consumers access to information that hospital CEOs have had for years. The goal is to give consumers better choices and to foster more collaboration among hospitals to improve quality state-wide.

"This report shows what everyone in the health care industry already knows – quality varies widely from hospital to hospital and by procedure/condition within a hospital,” said Bruce A. Boissonnault, president of the Niagara Quality Coalition. “With this report, health care consumers have a credible, powerful tool to help them find high quality hospital care; and hospitals have information about other hospitals’ quality which they can use to improve by learning from each other.”

The report card uses information from the billing and discharge data every hospital in the state is required to provide the Department of Health. Further analysis of the data is based on recommendations from the federal government’s Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

For more information, or to view the report card, visit: www.myHealthFinder.com.