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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

October 23, 2003

Council asks New York businesses to participate in survey on state policy priorities, business-climate issues

The chairman of The Business Council of New York State is urging business people across the state to participate in a survey designed to identify the business community's priorities and concerns.

"The more business leaders share their perspectives through this survey, the more persuasive The Business Council can be in urging lawmakers to make the policy changes that New York needs to be more competitive," said Heidi Nauleau, chairman of the Jamestown-based Aarque Companies and chairman of The Business Council.

The survey seeks information on a range of issues that affect the costs of doing business in New York and the state's economic competitiveness, including:

The survey also asks questions about how businesses might participate in Business Council activities as well as businesses perceptions of The Business Council's approach to advocacy.