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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

July 9, 2003

Report: New Yorkers rate their HMOs more highly than consumers nationwide

New Yorkers tend to rate their health-maintenance organizations (HMOs) somewhat more highly than consumers nationwide, according to a new report designed to help employers and employees to evaluate New York HMOs on a variety of criteria.

The report is the fifth annual "report card" on HMOs prepared by the New York State Health Accountability Foundation, a private-public partnership dedicated to improving the quality of health care. The report, which was released July 8, measured the change over time in the performance of New York's 23 commercial health plans.

"By providing data from more than one year, we have been able to illustrate for the first time where improvement is actually taking place," said Anthony Shih, vice president for quality improvement at IPRO. IPRO, a not-for-profit corporation specializing in assessing and improving health-care services, founded founder of the Health Accountability Foundation along with the New York Business Group on Health and a number of major New York employers.

The report found that:

"Whether you are talking about member satisfaction or care for serious illnesses, having this performance data allows businesses and consumers to make informed health care choices," said Theodore O. Will, CEO of IPRO.

IPRO is an independent, not-for-profit corporation committed to assessing and improving the value of health care services received by consumers through the use of innovative methods and technologies.

The report is available at www.abouthealthquality.org.