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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

June 28, 2002

New bill to increase the minimum wage and study indexing is introduced in Senate

A new bill to increase the state's minimum wage has been introduced in the state Senate. The bill would also commission a study of issues related to the minimum wage that would likely include the controversial idea of indexing.

Sen. Guy Vellella (R-Bronx), chair of the Senate Labor Committee, introduced the bill (S.7825) Thursday. The bill is identical to an Assembly bill (A11805-Nolan), which passed Wednesday.

The bill would:

The Senate is expected to consider the proposal when it returns to Albany Tuesday, said Tom Minnick, The Council's labor and human resources specialist.

The Council strongly opposes this bill and other proposals to increase the minimum wage, with or without "indexing" that would mandate automatic future increases in the wage.

The Council has long argued that the minimum wage should be debated and decided in Washington, not in Albany and 49 other state capitals.