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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

April 5, 2002

Nineteen activists object to big business at demonstration at Business Council

A well-publicized protest against big business attracted 19 demonstrators to the Albany headquarters of The Business Council at noon Friday, April 5. The event was part of national "Big Business Day" sponsored by Ralph Nader and his new group, Citizen Works.

The demonstrators represented a range of left-of-center activist organizations, including the Green Party and the Citizens Environmental Coalition. They picketed at The Council in part because of its influence in preventing the enactment of the advocates' legislative priorities.

"It is no wonder that with the power of groups like The Business Council, that year after year the state Legislature fails to raise the state minimum wage" or address other priorities on the activists' agenda, Mark Dunlea of the Capital District Greens said in a release on the event.

The demonstrators handed out fliers to passers-by and spoke to one another about a range of issues, including the state's minimum wage, campaign finance reform, and corporate accountability. The demonstration lasted about 50 minutes.

"We're flattered to be the site of such demonstrations because we're proud to represent New York's business community," he said. "It is New York's strong business community that provides seven million New Yorkers with jobs, ensures our great quality of life, and keeps our tax base strong."