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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

February 14, 2002

Four Business Council members receive environmental honors from EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has accepted four more Business Council members into its National Environmental Performance Track program.

The National Environmental Performance Track Program recognizes exceptional environmental performers-companies that voluntarily go beyond compliance with regulatory requirements to attain levels of environmental performance that benefit the environment, people, and communities. It currently recognizes 280 corporate and public facilities.

Newly accepted performance-track facilities include:

Facilities accepted into this performance track must have a history of sustained compliance with applicable federal and state environmental requirements. They must also have implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS), a systematic effort to meet its environmental requirements and improve its overall performance. They must demonstrate at least two past environmental achievements and commitments to four future improvements. And they must have established a public outreach program with a commitment to public performance reporting.

Other Business Council member facilities already recognized by the EPA performance track program include: