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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

November 26, 2001

Council members can save money on insurance, benefits

As Business Council members do "end-of-the-year" reviews of employee benefits and insurance, they should ask The Business Council Insurance Fund how The Fund can cut these costs.

"Most employers review these programs at year-end, so now's the time for Council members to ask if we can cut their insurance and benefits costs," said Bob Crandall, director of member services for The Council.

"We can give your benefits and insurance experts quotes on all of our products in 24 hours," he added.

The Council created its Insurance Fund in 1957 to offer low-cost group insurance as a membership benefit.

The Fund's programs have grown steadily; two-thirds of Council members buy The Fund's group insurance programs for over 150,000 workers.

The Fund provides service on all its products with one of the most experienced staffs in the insurance industry, Crandall noted.

Main insurance products: The Fund offers consistently competitive rates on life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, long-term disability, and statutory disability insurance. All of these insurance products are underwritten by The Hartford, an industry leader.

"The large number of participants in The Fund gives us leverage to keep prices down," said Frank Szydlowski, sales director for The Fund. "Our history of solid underwriting and positive loss experience also keep rates down."

The Fund can insure employers with as few as five employees or more than 1,000, and can tailor products to employers' needs, he added.

Dental coverage: The Council offers a wide range of flexible dental programs that also can be tailored to employers' needs and budgets.

Workers' compensation trust: In addition, The Business Council's workers' comp trust for manufacturers has grown explosively in recent years because of competitive rates, good loss experience, and a reputation for stability, Crandall said.

In January 1999, the trust had 11 members and billed $448,550 in premium. By November 2001, there were more than 450 participants generating more than $14 million in annualized premiums.

Other members benefits: Council members can also save money on other member benefits, including eye-care benefits, discounted labor-law manuals, and a comprehensive annual compensation survey.

"These products are powerful benefits of membership," Crandall said. "We hope many more members can capture these savings."