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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

October 11, 2001

Governor seeks $54 billion in new federal recovery aid

Governor George Pataki has asked the federal government for $54 billion in new aid to rebuild downtown Manhattan, reinvigorate the state's economy, and enhance the state's security.

"We must make restoring the strength of the New York economy one of our top priorities, and, to do that, we must rebuild our nation's financial capital," the Governor said in announcing the "Rebuild NY - Renew America" plan Oct. 9.

"As we have seen throughout the entire history of our nation, when New York and its economy succeed, America and the American economy succeed."

The plan outlines requests in three areas: rescue, recovery and rebuilding; economic recovery and revitalization; and New York's homeland security.

The aid would support "essential rebuilding activities," the Governor said in a release.

These include "supporting and retaining businesses that remain in the affected area, bringing back those that have temporarily relocated, and rebuilding buildings, roads, tunnels, subways and other components of the mass transit system."

Total costs in this area are an estimated $19 billion, including more than $10 billion to replace and re-equip the World Trade Center and Hotel, the release said.

The requested aid also would: