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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

June 22, 2001

Council urges broad approach to Superfund refinancing and reform

The Business Council is urging lawmakers to enact comprehensive Superfund refinancing and reform legislation, including a permanent refinancing of the state Superfund and a statewide, incentive-based voluntary cleanup program.

The Council outlined its preferred approach to Superfund refinancing and reform in a June 20 letter to Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. In the letter, Business Council President Daniel B. Walsh said The Council continues to support the approach outlined by the Senate.

"Superfund program reforms are needed, and should, at minimum, recognize the future use of resources as part of the cleanup process, and provide post-cleanup liability releases-with reasonable reservations-for responsible parties," Walsh wrote.

New York also needs a voluntary cleanup program that includes:

"This approach is modeled on successful legislative programs adopted in other major states," Walsh wrote.

The Council also opposes new taxes or fees on manufacturers to refinance the Superfund, as well as new enforcement provisions proposed in the Executive Budget. The Senate has proposed refinancing Superfund by dedicating existing Article 9-A revenues to it. The Council supports this approach.