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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

March 20, 2001

Attorney General Spitzer repeats his call for more power plants

New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has issued a new report on energy in New York that repeats his previous calls for siting more power plants in New York.

"This is a critical moment in New York," Spitzer said. "We cannot ignore the warning signs of an energy crisis. We must be aggressive in addressing our energy needs while at the same time acting in a way that does not worsen environmental problems or damage public health."

The new report is called The Attorney General's Action Plan for a Balanced Electric Power Policy in New York State. It outlines recommendations for streamlining and improving the siting process, conserving energy and shifting the energy load, expanding transmission capability, improving industry-based demand-side management programs, promoting renewable energy, and enhancing competition in New York's wholesale electric market.

"Attorney General Spitzer has emphasized the importance of siting more power plants in New York and doing so faster, and we are glad to hear that he is repeating that call," said Business Council President Daniel B. Walsh.

Spitzer also said he had invited The Business Council to join him and environmental groups in disussions on his suggestions.