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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

July 18, 2000

Council offers 'survival guides' on key employment laws and regulations; members get substantial discount

Business Council members get substantial discounts on six "survival guides" that explain key federal and state regulations on employment.

The survival guides are produced by the American Chamber of Commerce Publishers of Chicago for The Business Council.

Updated for 2000, the books provide organized, easy-to-use guidelines in plain language. Each includes explanations, tips, checklists, and guidelines. Each book costs $89, but Business Council members can buy each for $72.

The six survival guides are:

New York State Employment Laws and Regulations: This guide addresses more than 1900 issues related to New York State employment laws and regulations.

The 2000 edition includes a new section on employment discrimination, independent contractors, wages, benefits, telecommuting, and workplace technologies.

Federal Employment Laws and Regulations: This provides information on more than 1900 issues of interest to all sizes and types of employers.

The 2000 edition includes new chapters on affirmative action, employment practices liability insurance, and dress-code requirements. It also has sections covering telecommuting, privacy, and high technology in the workplace, and termination.

Employment Discrimination: The 2000 edition includes new sections on sexual and racial harassment, religious accommodation, discrimination based on credit history, national origin discrimination, and the Immigration Reform and Control Act.

Wages and Hours-An Employer's Guide: Highlights of the 2000 edition include: covered employees and employers; calculating work time; record-keeping requirements; exempt versus nonexempt employees; minimum wage and overtime requirements; the Equal Pay Act; leased employees; and the employment of minors.

ADA: 10 Steps to Compliance: This step-by-step guide helps employers know how to comply with the ADA. Highlights of the 2000 edition include new information on physical versus mental impairment, workers' compensation and the ADA, what to do if a claim is filed, medical examinations, record-keeping, and reporting requirements, and pre-employment inquires.

Unemployment Compensation - A Cost You Can Cut: Completely updated for 2000, this handbook provides new information on controlling employment costs, appeal hearings, employment separations, documentation, claimant eligibility, and controlling liability.

Also available are state and federal compliance posters that provide required notifications in several different areas.

The federal poster ($10) includes notifications on equal opportunity, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and minimum wage. The state poster ($20) includes employment discrimination and unemployment insurance.

A sexual harassment policy poster ($10) affirms the employer's opposition to sexual harassment, warns that disciplinary action may be taken against offenders, defines offending conduct, encourages employees who think they have been harassed to file complaints, and identifies complaint procedures available to victims.

Also available ($35) are preprinted pads that facilitate the accurate and complete recording of reports on inappropriate conduct or incidents of harassment.