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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

July 10, 2000

Council's annual compensation survey to be published August 30

Data-gathering for The Business Council's comprehensive annual survey of employers on pay and benefits is nearly complete, and the book is targeted for publication August 30.

The survey, Compensation Data - New York 2000, will offer comprehensive data from New York employers on pay levels and practices, pay-increase budgets, other benefits, and related recruitment and retention issues, said Theresa Worman, client relations manager for Compdata Surveys of Kansas City, which conducts the survey each year for The Council.

The nearly 600-page book will report this data for more than 400 different job descriptions, she added.

The Business Council sponsors the survey each year. The survey, the largest of its kind in the state, typically includes data from hundreds of organizations and information on well over 200,000 employees. (For a report on findings in last year's compensation survey, click here.)

Each year, the survey targets companies of all sizes, regions, and industries (except agriculture and retail stores). Data is broken out by region, employer size, and industries. The sample size for all job titles is given.

Last year's book showed that New York employers remained concerned about the availability of skilled workers, and that increased competition for workers was prompting employers to innovate both in recruiting and employment incentives.

Compdata Surveys is the survey information company with the nation's largest data base on pay and benefits information.