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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

April 27, 2000

Council's recommended reading: Gerstner's speech on privacy policy

The Council is asking members and state lawmakers to consider a recent speech on privacy by Louis Gerstner, chairman and CEO of IBM, in ongoing discussions of privacy issues.

Earlier his month, Business Council President Daniel B. Walsh sent state legislators and Council members a reprinted speech on privacy that Gerstner gave last month.

The speech is entitled A Work in Progress. In it, Gerstner argues that the networked world demands a self-regulatory framework that is open, market-driven, and cooperative.

“We believe Mr. Gerstner’s remarks represent one of the most thought-provoking discussions we have seen,” Walsh wrote.

“We believe it can also be the framework for development of an effective market-driven approach to the concerns raised over privacy, security, and protection of data.”

Walsh agreed with Gerstner that executives examine their companies’ privacy policies. “This is a critical step in having an effective self-enforcement program by the business community,” he wrote to members.

The text of the speech is here.