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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

April 12, 2000

Council asks chambers, associations to urge Wicks Law reform

The Business Council is urging executives of local chambers and business associations to contact lawmakers and express strong support for the Governor's proposal to reform the Wicks Law.

"Governor Pataki's proposals to relieve the costly Wicks Law burden on local governments and school districts are still on the table as Senate and Assembly conference committees negotiate the budget," Business Council President Daniel B. Walsh told chamber and association executives in an "urgent action memo" sent Friday, April 7.

"If you take action in the next few days, we may finally be successful in our long fight for reform," he added. "We can win the fight for real mandate reform this year."

The Governor has proposed amending the Wicks Law to exempt all school district construction and most municipal projects with value below $2 million for the downstate region (Dutchess, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, Westchester counties and New York City) or $1 million for the remainder of the state, Walsh wrote.

These exemptions would increase to $4 million and $2 million, respectively, in 2002, and to $8 million and $4 million in 2005, he added.

Walsh urged local business leaders to telephone or fax their local legislators as well as members of budget conference subcommittees as soon as possible to urge the Legislature to include Wicks reform in this year's budget.

The members of the Education Subcommittee and the General Government/Local Assistance Subcommittee are listed below.

Education Subcommittee members and fax numbers

Senate members
John R. Kuhl, Jr. (co-chair), 426-6976
Carl L. Marcellino, 426-6975
Frank Padavan, 455-2008
James L. Seward, 455-3123
Suzi Oppenheimer, 426-6860
Raymond A. Meier (alternate), 426-6921
Daniel Hevesi (alternate), 426-6956

Assembly members
Steven Sanders (co-chair), 455-4801
Edward Griffith, 455-3891
Paul D. Tonko, 455-5435
Susan John, 455-5342
John J. Flanagan, 455-5804
Eric N. Vitaliano (alternate), 455-5970

General Government/Local Assistance Subcommittee

Senate members
James J. Lack (co-chair), 426-6904
Hugh T. Farley, 455-2271
Nancy Larraine Hoffmann, 426-6828
Mary Lou Rath, 426-6963
Efrain Gonzalez, Jr., 426-6858
Patricia K. McGee (alternate), 426-6905
Neil D. Breslin (alternate), 426-6807

Assembly members
Arthur O. Eve (co-chair), 455-5471
Peter J. Abbate, Jr., 455-5524
Clarence Norman, Jr., 455-5768
Thomas P. DiNapoli, 455-4921
James N. Tedisco, 455-5558
Stephen B. Kaufman (alternate), 455-4641