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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

March 16, 2000

Assembly Minority tax-cut plan

The Republican Assembly Minority has proposed a $1.38 billion tax-cut program that includes the elimination of the energy gross receipts tax this year and a suspension of state sales taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel for the coming summer.

"Business leaders keep telling us that elimination of the gross receipts tax on energy is the single most important action the state can take to spur job growth - and we're listening," said Assembly Minority Leader John Faso.

The package includes two key business priorities: elimination of the petroleum business tax on heating oil for commercial customers and elimination of the ton-mileage tax on trucks.

The Assembly Minority's plan also includes a education tax credit of $1500 per student or $3000 per family for students from kindergarten through college.

That credit could be used for diverse expenses such as tuition, computer hardware and software, tutoring, or education in music or the arts.