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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

November 12, 1999

Poll: State's teachers support new standards

New poll data show that New York's teachers strongly support the movement to raise student achievement, according to New York Teacher, a publication of the state's largest teachers' union.

"In fact, New York state teachers lead the nation in support for higher standards, and say standards-based reforms are producing beneficial change at their schools," the newspaper's Nov. 3 issue reported. New York Teacher is a publication of New York State United Teachers.

Citing polling data from the Albert Shanker Institute, the story noted that more than three-quarters of New York teachers in the survey said they favor the push to raise standards, five points more than the percentage of teachers nationwide who endorse higher standards.

About two-third of teachers in the survey said they believe standards reform is changing education in their schools, and an equal number said the change is good, the story said.