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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

August 20, 1999 

Council offers members summaries of '99 budget and legislative session

The Business Council has prepared for its members a report on the 1999 state budget and a summary of legislative activity so far in 1999. Both reports focus on business-related issues.

The "1999-2000 Budget Summary" includes information on: $375 million in new tax cuts, as well as the effective dates of the cuts; new funds for worker training; and a $1.8 billion reserve fund designed to ensure that enacted tax reductions take effect in future years.

The budget summary also provides information on two new requirements affecting school districts.

The first requires school districts to tell residents how growth in budgets and tax levies compares to the consumer price index. The second requires them to tell the state Education Department about proposed tax increases so district-by-district comparisons are possible before school district budget votes.

Also included in the budget summary is information on the budget's effects on financial services, economic development, education and job training, environmental conservation, construction, regulatory reform, health, human rights, labor and human resources, small business, and transportation.

The Council's "1999 Legislative Wrap-Up" has information on final action on major issues in these same areas as well as consumer affairs, contract procurement, manufacturing, energy, insurance, occupational safety and health, the state Administrative Procedures Act, telecommunications, unemployment compensation, and workers' compensation.