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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

July 8, 1999 

New state report on managed care

The state Department of Health's annual report on managed care in New York shows that health plans are continuing to improve the quality of care and are improving their ability to measure plan performance.

The 1997 Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements (QARR) report shows that statewide commercial quality rates compare favorably with national benchmarks and statewide Medicare rates show noticeable improvements.The QARR report was produced in collaboration with 52 managed-care organizations, managed-care providers and New York State. It provides quality measures that can be used by consumers and purchasers to weigh how well health plans are performing, and as a quality improvement tool by the plans themselves.The report contains new information, including mental health and chemical dependency data, consumer satisfaction data, and "Effectiveness of Care" measurements, that, among other things, track care provided to more chronically-ill plan members.The Health Department uses QARR data to work with plans and providers to enhance the health-care outcomes of managed-care enrollees through performance feedback, quality improvement programs, technical assistance and highlighting of best practices.