What's New

Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

June 24, 1999 

Business issues an HMO report card

Business Council members have been mailed a new "HMO Report Card" produced by business to help employers evaluate and choose HMOs that offer health-care benefits to employees.

The report card was developed by the New York State Health Accountability Foundation, a consortium of employers committed to value in health care.

The report card evaluates all commercial HMOs in New York based on a series of performance measures that address access, service, prevention of illness, and care for sick patients. It includes information on both consumer satisfaction and clinical performance.

The report card compares each HMO's performance against state and national average performance rankings.

Included in the report card is a section on questions employers should ask HMOs. This section helps employers evaluating HMOs frame questions about pharmacy benefits, provider networks, out-of-network reimbursement, and coverage issues.

For additional free copies of the report card and information about the New York State Health Accountability Foundation, contact John McGrath, M.D., 1979 Marcus Avenue, Lake Success, New York 11042, or call 516/326-7767.